Dragon Ball Super – Hercule/Mr.Satan

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Per usual, I’m late to the game. I just started watching Dragon Ball Super this past Saturday, even though the series is more than a year old.

As someone raised on DB/Z, it’s amazing to see my childhood favorites all grown up and looking fabulous, which is why I’ve come out from retirement to highlight some of the best outfits from the series:

Source: JunkieMonkeys

Any outfit that let’s your personality shine through is a real winner, and Hercule’s pink-and-pinstripe ensemble screams confidence (even if Hercule’s confidence does stem from a ridiculous amount of hubris).


Hercule Inspiration


Geeks at Play - Hercule (Mr. Satan)

Geeks at Play – Avatar

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Geeks at Play - Avatar



Joined a nation? Excellent!

For Fire, do a full shirt tuck (but not too tight).
For Earth, do a half shirt stuck (a pocket tuck counts!)
For Air, leave the shirt untucked.
For Water, size up and knot the shirt to the side or back.


Geeks at Play - Avatar II



Ready? Let’s go!


For Fire, do a full shirt tuck (but not too tight). Add a belt.
For Earth, do a half shirt stuck (a pocket still tuck counts!)
For Air, leave the shirt untucked.
For Water, do a center tuck.


And finally, for Sokka:
John Lennon Vintage Style Round Silver Hippie Party Shades Sunglasses BLUE LENS

Geeks at Play – Fated to Love You (Kdrama)

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I have a bit of an obsession with Korean dramas. It might be the fashion, it might be the actors, or it just might be a little bit of everything.

epic run

A little bit of everything.

I recently finished watching Fated to Love You (side note: I hate the title), and absolutely adored  the artwork that’s featured in the show.

I won’t give away the plot, but I will say that I went deceptively simple with this outfit to highlight the bag, designed by Youk Shim Won, whose paintings make quite the appearance.


Geeks at Play - Fated to Love You (Kdrama)


If you’ve never seen a Kdrama and want to experience what all the fuss is about (or to find out exactly what’s going on in the above screenshot), then consider checking out Fated to Love You on Netlfix :).



Geeks at Play – The Girl Who Traveled Through Time – Kagome & the Final Act

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Full transparency: I’ve already seen the last episode of Inuyasha.

Fuller transparency: There was no way I was going to miss the chance to see it on Adult Swim.

My relationship with this series has always been love/hate. Most of the time it frustrated meInuyasha!Kagome!but there was always something about itragtag bunch of would-be heroes? time travel? Sesshomaruthat made me smile.

I grew up with this show, and after thirteen years it’s finally come full circle.

So, without further preamble, thanks Inuyasha.





Geeks at Play - Kagome - Final Act

Take care.